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I received my first guitar as a Christmas present in 2004. And so began my journey into music. Its been a challenging and rewarding experience. The hard part for me is being a lefty in a right-handed world. I started with a right-handed acoustic guitar. I quickly traded that for a lefty electric guitar. A year later, I bought a Vox AD30VT amplifier. That gave me the spark I needed to keep playing. And most recently, after an extensive search, I settled on an Agile AL-3100 (picture at right) and couldn't be happier. Now I have a good amp, a great guitar, and my ten clumsy fingers.



Interesting Websites

  • - Distributor of a custom line of guitar strings. Made by one of the main string makers in the USA (there are only a few). They keep their marketing in check so their prices are low.
  • Agile Guitar Forum - Tons of discussion about Agile Guitars, playing, and general guitar talk. I started a thread comparing an Agile to an Epiphone Les Paul.
  • The Gibson Les Paul Standard, currently lists for $3448
  • Dolphin Street - Robert Renman's site. Guitar reviews, DVDs, lessons, and more.
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