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I started using Unix professionally in 1993 and discovered Linux in 1994. My first distribution was CD-based and came with an X11 desktop. It came with plenty of documentation from the Linux Documentation Project. It was exactly the right information at the right time in my career to help me really learn Unix.

Over the years I've had the fortune of installing and using many great distributions. Of special note are these distributions:

  • Yggdrasil_Linux - plug-and-play, first live CD distro, being sold at shareware shops
  • Slackware - widely-available through book publishers
  • SuSE - fantastic installer, YaST management tool, CD/DVD-based distribution model1)
  • Debian - apt-get and dpkg tools, online repository, support of many architectures
  • Mepis - big advances in desktop usability, based on debian
  • Knoppix - great for troubleshooting and debugging, based on debian
  • Gentoo - build-from-source mindset, ebuild tools, online source code repository
  • RedHat - RPM package manager, efforts to 'go corporate' with Linux
  • Ubuntu - installer, usability, desktop maturity, based on debian

Notes and Shell Scripts

Here are some notes and shell scripts that I've written.


1) this was before the popularization of high-speed internet access
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